patterns of time found at the Exploratorium

source code

built with Processing

Hundreds of video frames stack to form a volume across time. The collection of video clips here takes a peek at a variety of exhibits at the Exploratorium. Each clip graphs a unique pattern of time along the surfaces of the streamer block.

light wand light wand

a spinning wand of light

   may the spin force be with you
light wand box
swirls blue currents

Ned Kahn's Turbulent Orb serves up luscious blue swirls
swirls box
paper birds paper flock

Arthur Ganson's kinetic sculpture gives flight to scraps of paper
paper birds box
dancing light dancing light

reflected light dances on a concrete floor
sand eruptions

another piece by Ned Kahn - air erupts through sand, shifting shadows and fault lines across time
dancing light box
vortex water funnel

the camera rises past a vortex of air and water
vortex box
stripes stripes

a spinning cylinder of orange and white stripes traces sine curves in time
stripes box


 print + cut + fold + glue
 to make a hand-held
 chunk of video

HELLO streamer
video streamer
yet more
© 2004 eddie elliott