The clip this box was created from was one continuous shot from the stern of a ship, panning and zooming to cars coming down a ramp at the side of the ship. TOYOTA is mirrored on the left frame because we see the "backside" of that frame on the far end of the box. The zoom-in appears as expanding streaks on the top of the box. Looking at it with your head tilted to the left, the swirl from left to middle shows the timing and pace of the pan. Time progresses from left to right on these boxes. Notice how as the camera began to pan the ramp appeared small on the side of the box, with a blue car coming down the ramp. Just past half way through the clip the blue car has already come off the ramp and exited the frame, scanning itself on the left side of the box. By the time the clip settles on the ramp two more cars are exiting the ship.