Streamer Exhibits

The Streamer has been presented in a handfull of installations, ranging from video and art shows to hands-on science museums. The Streamer coaxes people into doing odd things in front of a camera, first for the sake of fun, then to think about motion imagery in a different way. Configured as an exhibit, a simplified version of the Streamer captures live video of visitors. Exhibit sites sometimes also provide other video feeds. Most installations also include audio recording and playback so that people can experiment with both picture and sound.

video of exhibits
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Sony Art Artist Audition    Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan
Sony's Music Entertainment Group and Apple Computer sponsored a series of experimental art competitions beginning in 1992 called the Art Artist Audition. The Streamer played for a couple weeks in Yokohama, and later at a follow-up exhibition in Tokyo.

CHI     Boston, Massachusetts
The ACM held its CHI (Computer Human Interface) conference in Boston in 1994.

Ars Electronica    Linz, Austria  
Ars Electronica is an art and technology festival held annually in Linz, Austria.

Videobrasil     São Paulo, Brazil
Videobrasil is a biennial video festival held in São Paulo that includes an exhibit area devoted to installations employing video.

Liberty Science Center    Jersey City, New Jersey 
Liberty Science Center is a hands-on science museum across the Hudson from Manhattan.

Inventure Place    Akron, Ohio
Inventure Place is a hands-on museum devoted to the creative mind. It also houses the National Inventors Hall of Fame.