Set it up and Run it

The Streamer is written in Java, so it is ready to run in current versions of most browsers. To run this Streamer, click on your connection type at the bottom left of this screen.

Usage Notes:
    1IE on Windows, if possible
    2Install JMF for sound and fast startup
    3 - Run it

1 - The Streamer runs best with IE on Windows
The Streamer requires version 4 or newer of Netscape or Internet Explorer. It currently works best with Internet Explorer 5.5 on Windows. It also works reasonably well with Netscape 6.0 for Windows.

Internet Explorer Netscape
Windows Works very well with IE on Windows. Use this combination, if possible. Works pretty well with Netscape 6, though sometimes sluggish.
Macintosh Works reasonably well, but sometimes slow. The Streamer currently does not run reliably under Netscape on a Macintosh.
others (Solaris, Linux, ...) Not yet tested. Not yet tested.

OK, but not best performance
Currently not working
Not yet tested

Note: If Java is disabled in your browser for some reason, you will need to re-enable it before running the Streamer. Also, if you have a Macintosh, make sure your browser's memory allocation is substantially larger than 12MB before launching it and running the Streamer.

2 - Install JMF for sound and faster startup
The Streamer includes several video clips, many including sound. To best play sound clips in the Streamer you will need to download and install Sun Microsystem's Java Media Framework (JMF). It is a free download and takes about a minute to install. Once JMF is installed, the Streamer will also start up more quickly (about six times faster). See the JMF setup notes for more details.

Note: The Streamer sometimes has problems with JMF installations when running under Netscape on Windows. If you do install JMF, try running the Streamer from Internet Explorer.

3 - Run it
The Streamer doesn't have the usual video controls, like a timeline slider and stop and play buttons. Part of the aim of the Streamer's user interface is to avoid control clutter so that the image and the flow of time are more visually prominent. After all, why stuff the screen with controls that compete with the imagery for your eye's attention when it's not really necessary. Sometimes, however, it takes a little time to get used to the Streamer's way of working with video. Get familiar with the Streamer by simply experimenting with it. Also, check out the help pages for a more detailed description of how the Streamer works.

Click on the type of connection you have here or at the left to start playing the Streamer. It will take about a minute to load with a 56K modem. Once it is running, roll the mouse around and click on things. In a word, experiment! Check out the Streamer's control panel for more clips to open in the Streamer.
run it

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