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Slit-Scan Photography,
Basics of Strip Photography,
High Speed Photography

Articles by Andrew Davidhazy.

Liquid Time Camille Utterback's fluid interplay between your motion now and their motion then.
Time Travel, Cosmic Time and World Lines Supposedly, "everyone has their own world line".


Stylized Video Cubes,
Image Stacks
Cool work by Michael Cohen.
Optical Toys A great collection of flip books and other pre-cinema magic.
Fliptomania A wide selection of flip books. Purchase online, or at a store near you.
FLIPBOOK Make your own flip books from QuickTime clips with S. H. Pierce & Co.'s FLIPBOOK software. A comprehensive look at the early days of motion imaging. Check out EarlyCinema's mutoscope page for a little mutoscope history.
AMMI Next time in Manhattan, hop the river and go visit The American Museum of the Moving Image. You'll be glad you did. Get your Mutoscopes here.
Gregory Barsamian Wonderful animated sculptures.
River of Shadows Eadweard Muybridge and the Technological Wild West, by Rebecca Solnit
Chronophotographical Projections Many of Muybridge's photographs reanimated.
The University of Pennsylvania Archives Photos of Muybridge and his work.
Salient Stills Provides services for processing video frames to create enhanced still images. Take a peek at their Other Images page for interesting views of time.
Be Now Here Presents a unique way of showing time and space using video.
The American Image - Panoramic Photographs Panoramic images are often created by shooting a single image over time or by combining several images that were shot at different times. This is just one of many many web sites displaying panoramic images and describing how to produce them.
World-in-Motion A software package for doing physics video analysis.

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